Free 2nd Annual Dentists Pulling from the Heart

Join us for our free 2nd Annual Dentists Pulling from the Heart on Sunday, February 12, 2012 from 10am until we serve the first 100 patients. The event will take place at 2265 W. Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92801 to benefit low-income people in need of tooth extraction or filling. Patients will be seen on a first come first serve basis; no appointments necessary. Other venues such as free medical screening and massage therapy are also available. For more information, please contact us at 714-491-8600.

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Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are the foundation for the adult teeth to come in straight. Healthy baby teeth allow for better speech, nutrition and aesthetics when treated properly as if they were adult teeth. Children use the front teeth to tear food and back teeth mash the food. Healthy baby teeth allow the permanent adult teeth to have a place to come in and provide better alignment to do so. Baby teeth should be cleaned with a washcloth and with a soft brush after each meal. Regular dental checkups should begin at about one year of age and instructions on brushing and oral hygiene should begin once the child is old enough to hold a toothbrush. It has been found that tooth decay runs in families and a child can contract tooth decaying bacteria from their mother and this causes earlier formation of tooth decay therefore making it crucial to practice good home-care and regular dental treatment.

I’m Jim Shen and people can become familiar with a whole lot more about Anaheim dental care services such as cosmetic dentistry when they decide to take the time to take a look at my website. Anyone who thinks they might take advantage of cosmetic veneers must visit now for Anaheim dental care.

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Anaheim Cosmetic dental work: Information About Using Veneers To make Your Teeth Look Better

Sometimes I wonder if people are conscious that they can use Anaheim dental care for more then just getting basic procedures done that have to do with cleaning. Anybody who thinks about the problem about arriving for a visit and has serious cosmetic defects with their teeth must learn about cosmetic veneers.

Veneers aren’t complicated whatsoever, and when they are applied correctly they are able to really do wonders for a lot of common aesthetic problems teeth might are afflicted by. On my small website People can start researching not just veneers, but also other cosmetic dental procedures designed to enable them to have an appealing teeth.

There are a lot of people within our population who have serious defects in regards to the looks of the teeth. These physical defects can be rather unappealing, and that i would imagine they don’t do anything whatsoever to help a person’s confidence level.

Whenever someone decides to make use of an Anaheim cosmetic dentist much like me they can find out about veneers and how they will be in a position to help the appearance of teeth that have such physical defects, or teeth which have been badly damaged.

Not only can veneers cover up physical problems people might have such as cracks and chipped teeth, but they will also help smaller issues that happen with time. Some of the common problems teeth might suffer that might hurt their appearance might be discolorations because of regular coffee drinking or even the drinking of colored juices that stain the teeth.

Also, anyone who is suffering from a gap would benefit greatly to consider using Anaheim dental care which i offer information on my website about to be able to find out more.

Veneers aren’t the sole thing that somebody can decide to have in order to make their teeth look significantly better. An alternative choice could be porcelain crowns, which are also made to cover broken, damaged, or heavily filled teeth. This is done in order to make them look natural. The procedure is really simple, and anybody who has an interest can decide to possess a consultation to discover the exact process for having crowns or caps place in.

Young people need to comprehend that veneers really are a safe and viable option. Veneers offer so many benefits when it comes to making teeth look nice. People enjoying a nice looking smile, and with the help of veneers this becomes quite easy to accomplish. Making the effort to learn about Anaheim dental hygiene by going to my website can assist you to start now.

I’m Jim Shen and people can become familiar with a whole lot more about Anaheim dental care services such as cosmetic dentistry when they decide to take the time to take a look at my website. Anyone who thinks they might take advantage of cosmetic veneers must visit now for Anaheim dental care.

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So what can I Expect From A Dental Surgeon In Anaheim Basically Need Serious Work Done?

People who decide to go to a dental surgeon in the Anaheim area often times do not know what to anticipate. Sometimes believe that of regular surgical procedures plus they begin to get really nervous about the whole thing. I’m here to tell you that you do not have to be nervous. I’d argue that you should be more nervous if you let certain defects and jaw problems linger.

In any case I am going to inform people of some of the procedures I perform regularly like a dental surgeon practicing within the Anaheim area. Anybody who has an interest now though can visit to be able to learn in additional detail.

Difficult procedures and extractions. As a dental surgeon I’ve learned of a large number of different problems someone can have with either the structure of the teeth or with particular teeth that are causing problems. A regular dentist will not be able to cope with such problems, and that is once they is going to be referred over to me. My job will then be to check out the issue in more detail. When it comes to having to extract particular teeth that are risky to remove that’s where I are available in. Wisdom teeth are usually one of the greatest teeth I end up extracting.

Of course you don’t have to be known a dental surgeon for example myself because of your regular dentist. You can now decide to come in and have a consultation in order to find out if there are serious problems with their teeth, jaw structure, or other potentially harmful problems concerning the teeth that I can help with. It is only that a person’s regular dentist usually has much more info on a patient i quickly do, and it helps me a lot more to have this. I’ll usually get it generally anyway.

Learning about dental implants. When it comes to dental implants, people who reside in the Anaheim area that require them should definitely consider my practice, which you’ll learn about whenever you visit my site This is not a process that happens in a single day, there is a preparation stage. First people would need to come in to possess implants placed in the jaw for that procedure that is to take place in the future. Preparation is also required for future restorations and jaw realignment surgery.

Amongst other things that people can get once they are available in would be to find out about oral and maxillofacial surgery. The objective of this surgery is to cope with serious issues that make a difference a person’s life. This could include diseases, serious injuries, defects, and issues with an individuals jaw.

I’m Jim Shen and those that may need dental surgery in Anaheim may benefit greatly from getting more information before they choose to make a choice. People who are prepared to go ahead and take initial step can do so now by visiting now for dental surgeon in Anaheim.

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What Makes Seeing A Periodontist In Anaheim Different Then Moving in For General Dentistry?

People hear words like periodontist and immediately one question involves their mind. People want to know why is visiting a periodontist in Anaheim diverse from moving in for general dentistry. There are several people believe it or not who have never heard about this kind of dentistry, also it can bring up fears and uncertainties just like they were getting over fears of moving in for general dentistry. But there’s you don’t need to fear; in this article I will explain very simply what the difference is. And anyone who’s thinking about learning further detail can click on my website right now for more information.

I want people to understand how visiting a periodontist in Anaheim differs from visiting a regular practitioner. The gums are a part of the mouth that have a lot of nerves, and these nerves can cause a lot of problems if they are compromised. So it’s better to protect them, when someone gets into for general dentistry their teeth is the focus. If the teeth have been in bad enough shape which is determined the gums are unhealthy then the gums must get to be the primary focus, because that affects one’s teeth directly.

Bleeding gums, gums which are too sensitive, and gums which are discolored are signs and symptoms of unhealthy gums. These problems must be handled differently, and that’s what seeing a periodontist in Anaheim can do. If you take measures to make the gums healthy it will be easier to keep teeth, and they’ll possess a healthy base. On my website people can start researching how they can have their gums checked out now, even if they feel their gums are healthy there could be a problem.

I have not mentioned one very last thing, and that’s the health of bad breath. General dentistry doesn’t focus on controlling bad breath, only the possible reasons for it. Once the problem becomes so severe that it results in chronic bad breath than the is a sign that someone needs a higher-level of dentistry. All general dentistry does is look into the teeth, clean one’s teeth, and ensures they are healthy. To be able to maintain that health everything must be harmoniously, that means the gums. Seeing a periodontist in Anaheim may take proper care of that aspect much better then general dentistry.

Does anyone looking over this article see the difference between periodontist in Anaheim over going in for general dentistry? General dentistry is not designed to deal with serious gum problems, it is made to catch serious problems with the teeth in order to protect and keep them healthy. Oftentimes gum problems can result in teeth problems, so this is something they’ll consider. But I want people to know that seeing a periodontist in Anaheim is often the next step after serious gum problems have been located throughout a routine checkup, which many people don’t have.

I am Jim Shen and that i offer use of pediatric dentisty in Anaheim so people can certainly learn what are the difference is going to be when they come in to have an appointment. If people are interested to get going with this particular highly specialized form of dentistry then visit my site now at for pediatric dentistry in Anaheim/.

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What’s the Best Way That i can Help to make The Anaheim Dental Work I Go In For Straight forward As Possible

I have seen that many times individuals are nervous to visit an Anaheim dentist because they have a lot of fears and reserves. Maybe some of these people have had nightmares about going in to see the dentist. Maybe they had horrible experiences in the past which make them feel uncomfortable. In any case I’m quite certain that anyone who takes a little bit of time in advance can avoid unpleasantness. In the following paragraphs I’m going to discuss several ways people could make their experience with Anaheim dental work hassle free as you possibly can. And on my website I provide people with lots of information they can use to help their cause much more.

The best way people can begin making the Anaheim dental work they receive as straight forward as possible is as simple as making sure they are fully aware precisely what kind of services they are going to require. If someone comes in not knowing exactly what they are there for then your Anaheim dentist will need to take extra measures to see what is needed. Of course this may not be a hassle for them, but it might for that body else. That’s the reason on my website I make it easy for individuals to learn what type of services they might need before the are available in.

Understanding what kinds of services are needed is important, but I’d tell people to observe other things to take away hassle. One of these things will be telling the Anaheim dentist of any past dental work that’s been performed. This will be significant, because it can help the present dentist perform a better job and not possibly make a mistake. Usually the other dentist might be contacted and asked a couple of questions, all this goes a long way in getting rid of the hassle. It is something which has to be handled which is best deal within advance.

Lastly, if people wish to avoid hassle once they go in to determine have Anaheim dental work they ought to make sure they prepare themselves, meaning making sure their teeth are clean. This means no consuming foods with many different color which will stain one’s teeth, flossing, and properly brushing one’s teeth. If this stuff aren’t done, there is a pretty good possibility they will have to become done in the office, and this is obviously likely to be a hassle, which people are attempting to avoid right?

I understand that individuals have their fears about arriving to determine an Anaheim dentist or any kind of dentist, however it was my goal to get individuals to observe how they are able to make things easier on their own and simpler for that Anaheim dentist too. Hassles like paperwork, having to ask a lot of questions that should have been answered beforehand, and achieving to go over something are things that can make for an extended trip. I’d imagine no one wants to deal with this, especially since how it are only able to add feelings of tension to some individual who might already be experiencing those feelings.

I am Jim Shen and on my website I will provide even more information about how people can make sure they do not have to worry about hassled once they come in to have Anaheim dental work done. Visit now for Anaheim dentist to start learning more.

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The Earlier the Better

Dental treatment for children is important because it establishes a good oral hygiene foundation which will allow the child to care for their teeth as they enter adulthood.  Care for primary teeth is important because decay on baby teeth leads to future problems with permanent teeth.  The recommended age of a child to visit a dentist is at one year of age because this is the age in which there is already a presence of central and lateral incisors on both top and bottom.  Young children can develop tooth decay when they are put to bed with the child’s drink of preference which is usually a drink with sweetener or milk which causes plaque to surround the baby’s teeth.  Early dental care has been seen to be a major contributing factor to good oral hygiene, and due to this it is now mandatory for children entering kindergarten to have regular check ups and cleanings done in order to enroll in the public school districts.  Fluoride treatment to help protect their teeth from cavities is also now a beneficial treatment for these children.

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Gum Disease – Silent But Deadly

Many people are under the misconception that they will never experience gum disease and they are not aware gum disease has been known to cause diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. Unbeknownst to them, these people may be at risk of developing such a disease, but hardly ever take the time to visit a dentist for to receive a check-up. Finding the time to do so may be difficult, especially for those who find themselves overloaded with work and/or children; however, by making dental hygiene a priority, people can avoid various oral diseases and thus improve their overall health.

Gum Disease, also known as Periodontal Disease, is a silent disease – it’s slow, painless, and progressive. Most adults are unaware of this disease, making it harder to treat once the damage is done. Some symptoms of this disease includes bad breath, chronic bitter taste, loose teeth, and/or bleeding gums. Contrary to what most people believe, bleeding gums are not caused by thorough brushing but rather by doing the opposite. 

 Aside from poor dental care, other diseases may cause periodontal disease.  Patients with diabetes are at higher risk for infection. Severe Periodontal Disease can increase blood sugar levels and make the damage harder to control for patients with type 2 diabetes.  Another recent studies have also shown that periodontal disease is linked to heart disease. The bacteria from the mouth can travel through the blood stream and into the heart, which then attaches itself to fatty plaques in the artery. Consequently, the plaque that builds up over time will eventually lead to heart attacks.  Those with diabetes, heart problems, uremia, liver cirrhosis, anemia and leukemia are more as risk than others.    

 Gum disease is an equal opportunity disease that can affect anyone regardless of age, race, sex, etc. However, the risks of contracting this oral disease are greater if there is history of gum disease in the family and/or by smoking, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In addition, many are not aware that the bacteria can be passed through saliva, which includes sharing drinks and kissing.

 However, avoiding this disease is simple.  Our Anaheim-Euclid office provides our patients with the best of care. The only way to confirm a diagnosis of periodontal disease is to have your mouth thoroughly examined. We recommend having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year. During the check-ups, we are able to take x-rays and measure the crevices in-between your teeth and gums.

 Periodontal therapy is necessary for treatment towards healthy gums to avoid any oral health problems in the future. Our 7 Day Dental doctors in Anaheim-Euclid can guarantee the best course of care for periodontal disease. This therapy is a non-surgical way of treating gum disease by performing root planning or “deep cleaning”, irrigating the gum pockets to flush out any debris, and finally treating with localized antibiotics. These antibiotics are then placed directly into the gum pocket and released at specific times. Once treatment is done, the patient will be put on an estimated three or four month cleaning schedule. This procedure will ensure that the plaque and tartar build-up is under control.

 If you find yourself with one or more of the symptoms listed above, please visit your local dentist to find the treatment that is most fit for you.  Avoid losing your beautiful and healthy teeth: floss and brush thoroughly, visit your dentist at least two times a year, and eat well-balanced meals.  Your To-Do list may be filled with other responsibilities, but there is no doubt that your dental care belongs amongst your top priorities.

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The Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene

As one of the many important aspects of everyday life, oral hygiene is often being neglected.  People tend to think just by brushing their teeth twice a day, they maintain good oral hygiene.  Flossing after every meal, eating healthy, rinsing with mouthwash, and routine visits to our dentists at 7 Day Dental are also important in maintaining good oral hygiene.  This is important because poor oral hygiene will lead to other problems.  There are several effects of poor oral hygiene, which are dental related problems, health problems, and social problems.

            Dental related problems can be categorized in three areas.  These three areas are teeth, gums, and mouth.  Without proper maintenance of oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing, teeth will get cavities, causing pain or toothache.  If left untreated, cavities might develop into infections.  Depending on how severe the infection is, the infected teeth can be saved by performing Root Canal Therapy on them, or they might have to be extracted which result in missing teeth.  Missing teeth can be replaced by implant or bridge procedure, but this process costs a lot of money and time.  Another area of dental related problems is the gums.  Gum disease is caused by bacteria.  Flossing after each meal helps prevent bacteria to build plague on the teeth.  Plague can harden and spread below the gum line, creating infections, redness, and puffiness of gums which is known as gum disease or periodontal disease.  The early stage of gum disease, characterized by bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity, leads to advanced stage if oral hygiene is not improved.  The advanced stage of gum disease results in receding gums and bone loss.  Besides teeth and gums, the area of dental related problems which is caused by poor oral hygiene is the mouth itself.  The mouth produces bad breath as a result of poor brushing and bacteria activities.  In addition to preventing bad breath, good oral hygiene helps prevent dry mouth.  People with dry mouth have difficulties in swallowing and have an increase chance to develop infections in the mouth.  Poor oral hygiene can also increase the risk of getting oral cancer.  Early detection of oral cancer helps in saving people’s life.  A good way to detect oral cancer at early stage is by oral cancer screening performed at routine dentist visits.

            Not only poor oral hygiene relates to dental problems, but also relates to overall health problems.  Studies show that poor oral hygiene can cause heart problems, diabetes, and respiratory infection.  Oral hygiene plays important role in the health of people’s hearts.  According to a study led by Professor Richard Wyatt from University College London, adults who brush their teeth less than twice a day have 70% more chance to develop heart disease.  Not brushing teeth at least twice a day leads to gums inflammation which can be spread throughout the body.  Inflammation in the body narrows blood vessels, resulting in the decrease of blood flow to the heart, eventually leading to heart attack.  Another effect of poor oral hygiene on overall health is diabetes.  Gum disease, which is a result of poor oral hygiene, leads to diabetes.  According to research by National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, in people with periodontal disease, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and trigger a reaction from the immune system.  Immune system cells then release proteins called cytokines which have damaging effect on the cells in pancreas which produces insulin, resulting in diabetes.  Poor oral hygiene also  increases the risk of getting respiratory infection.  According to research by Department of Oral Biology, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, bacteria in the mouth, generating from dental plaque, can be carried down to the lung, causing infection.  Dental plaque needs to be removed by brushing teeth twice a day before it becomes hard and causes gum disease which is an infection that can spread to the lung.  Preventing plaque build up by maintaining good oral hygiene reduces the risk of getting respiratory infection. 

            In addition to dental and health problems, poor oral hygiene also causes social problems which can be seen in personal appearance, self esteem, and the quality of life.  Personal appearance is important in social life.  Mouth, as part of the face, is an object of people’s attention.  Missing front teeth, yellow teeth, and bone loss are some results of poor oral hygiene, which give unpleasant personal appearance.  This can have negative impacts on social life, such as lack acceptance of job application, hindrance to job promotion, and seclusion from other people.  In order to improve personal appearance which is affected by poor oral hygiene, additional time and money are necessary.  Another social problem which is related to poor oral hygiene is self esteem.  Not brushing teeth regularly lets bacteria grow in the mouth, which leads to bad breath.  People with bad breath tend to be self conscious, avoiding conversation.  Some people also have bad breath and do not realize that they do, but other people refrain from getting close to them.  Consequently, it decreases their self esteem.  Moreover, poor oral hygiene effects the quality of life.  Without proper maintenance of oral hygiene, people can experience toothache and other diseases, which will require time off work to get treatment done.  Getting treatment done can be a lengthy process, and having time off work may result in decrease of income.  Decrease of income affects the ability to pay bills and other expenses, resulting in reduction in the quality of life. 

            The negative impacts of poor oral hygiene link to different aspects of life.  Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to prevent dental, health, and social problems.  There are many ways to help maintain good oral hygiene.  A simple step which can be done daily to keep up with good oral hygiene, but not done by most people is flossing.  Spending a few minutes a day to floss pays well, considering the effects of poor oral hygiene.  Preventing problems from being emerged is always better than fixing them.

Christine Hobson

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Dental Implant

What is a dental implant? In the simplest terms, a dental implant is a tiny metal fixture, surgically placed into either jaw, which replaces a missing tooth’s roots. When completed, tiny posts protrude from the surface of the gingiva, or gums. The dentist then positions and attaches a bridge, artificial teeth known as crowns, to each post. Implants are comprised of either pure titanium or an alloy thereof. Titanium is highly corrosion-resistant and is most widely known for having a tensile strength far greater than steel. It is also a unique metal, in that the human body adapts well to its presence without causing an allergic or toxic reaction in the human body, which allows tissues to heal well. The microscopically roughened surface of dental implants helps the bone tissue to bond with, and grow onto the implant. This provides a strong, stable “replacement root,” or anchor to which the artificial tooth or bridge attaches. Dental implants last for several years, even decades, providing the patient brushes, flosses, and maintains overall good oral health, including regular checkups with her or his dental health care professional.

How long will implants last? Long-term studies conducted for more than 30 years have proven a success rate for patients who were missing all of their teeth of 80- to 90-percent. Those patients who were missing one to several teeth had an even higher success rate of 95 percent. This clearly indicates that dental implants are a proven method of permanently replacing teeth lost to decay, injury, or extraction. It is occasionally necessary to remove a dental implant when it does not heal properly or it becomes loose; however, after the site has healed, it usually possible to place another implant, in some cases on the same day.

What is involved in placing an implant? Implants involve a surgical procedure, and while the surgery itself is relatively minor, it takes place in a hospital-style operating room, with the latest in instruments and equipment, and with every measure taken to ensure maximum sterility and patient comfort. Either local or general anesthesias are available. The doctor and the patient discuss which option and agree prior to the surgery.

Placing dental implants usually necessitates two separate procedures, or phases. In the first phase, the oral surgeon will incise the gum where the implant is to be placed, then create a small, precise opening in the jaw into which each implant is placed. When done, the doctor will suture closed the gum over each implant. The implant is allowed to bond to the bone tissue of the jaw for the next three to six months. During this time, the usually wears temporary dentures and eats a soft diet. Also during this time, the dentist orders the replacement crowns. The complete implant process is actually a professional collaboration between the oral surgeon, who performs the implant surgery itself and the dentist, who performs any needed tooth extraction and bone grafting, as well as measuring for and creating the prosthesis (crown or bridge). The dentist may also make a temporary prosthesis for the patient to wear until the implant has fully bonded with the bone tissue.

When the implant has bonded and during the second portion of the implant procedure, the oral surgeon will make a minute incision in the gingiva over each implant, and then install a miniscule, threaded titanium post into each one. The bridge or crown is attached onto each post and, once done, the posts are no longer visible. The result looks natural, like real teeth!

Does it always take this long? Well, not necessarily. Using the latest advances in dentistry, 7 Day Dental’s doctors in some cases can place dental implants in one procedure, which is referred to as single-stage implants. There are also circumstances where it is possible to place implants immediately after tooth extraction. This minimizes the number of surgical procedures, but it still requires a minimum of six weeks to heal before placing artificial teeth or a bridge. As more advances in dentistry occur, it is possible that the overall time to place implants will decrease even further.

Who is a candidate for implants? Possibly, even likely, you are. A viable candidate is someone who is missing one or more teeth, or anyone who is unhappy wearing dentures. Of course, a thorough oral examination is necessary, as well as a review of a patient’s dental and medical history. Age is not a deterrent. However, conditions such as diabetes, radiation therapy at the implant site, and smoking are all factors that have proven to reduce the success rate of implants. In most cases, there are treatments to improve the outcome, for example, bone grafting if there is additional bone needed to enhance the bonding of the implant. Keep in mind, though, placing implants becomes more difficult and complex the longer a tooth is missing.

Why should I seriously consider implants? This is a question only you can decide, but here are some things to consider. Your teeth affect your whole body and quality of life. A missing tooth, or teeth, can affect how you speak, how and what you are able to eat, and how you look, for starters. If you are missing teeth, the remaining teeth are going to be working harder to do the job your whole set of teeth used to do, which can – and usually does – cause them to wear out prematurely or become damaged. This situation can also cause headaches and jaw pain. The inability to masticate (chew) properly often causes improper digestion of food, in some cases causing indigestion, which in itself can be serious or even fatal in extreme cases. In addition to deteriorating health, who wants to have a deteriorating appearance? In addition to weight loss associated with improperly digested food, missing teeth can cause the cheeks to appear sucked in, making a person look gaunt. Also, the natural consequence of missing teeth is the assimilation of the jawbone tissue. What this means is that the body absorbs the area of jawbone around the missing tooth, or teeth, reducing the bone density in that area, up to about 25 percent loss in the first year alone. In more graphic terms, the jaw literally melts away. This happens because the bone of the jaw in the area of the missing tooth no longer receives the stimulation caused by the force of chewing, which in turn causes jawbone cell replacement in a healthy mouth.

The best news is that implants correct problems caused by missing or damaged teeth. Implants help to preserve jawbone structure and facial structure. They function as well as natural teeth, enabling you to eat properly and to feel and look your best, and they last for decades. If you are missing teeth, or are going to have a tooth extraction, you should consider getting dental implants. Your oral surgeon and your dentist will fully explain the process to you in great detail. They will discuss all options available to you, and ensure you have a thorough understanding of the implant procedure enabling you to make an the right decision.

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